Palmerston North City ratepayers have unwittingly been subjected to a multi year conspiracy by Government, hand in glove with PNCC, to flood the local urban environment with gigantic turbines, 53 metre high transmission towers and a substation right on top of the ranges itself. To achieve this, lies, obfuscation and the deliberate withholding of information has been the order of the day. This is an unprecedented  scandal.

PNCC, heavily in debt, now realising that it has irreparably damaged the rateable value of  hundreds of residential properties under the 60 consented turbines, embarked on a programme to take 1100 ratepayers from Manawatu to compensate for this loss. This has been done but with widespread opposition.

PNCC debt could balloon to $250 million by 2022 -1100 new ratepayers snatched from Manawatu will be roped in to pay 

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!